Nick Chandler has worked in the electrical industry for over 45 years, including positions as an electrician, electrical fitter, power systems technician, contract manager, electrical engineer and electrical inspector.  Nick currently provides electrical consulting and training services throughout New Zealand and overseas.  Primary work areas include the high voltage generation, transmission and distribution industries and specialised services relating to testing and inspection of electrical installations, electrical appliances, fittings and related equipment.  Other work includes (but is not limited to) electrical fault or incident investigations, earthing system tests, electrical equipment testing, electrical equipment condition analysis, cable location and cable fault location.

Nick has taught electrical theory and regulations, plus National Diploma / Bachelor of Engineering Technology subjects part time and currently provides electrical safety tuition (EWRB Competence Programme) training for electrical workers in New Zealand and overseas (mainly London, UK).  In addition; many technical papers, presentations and workshops have been prepared and presented to various Electrical Engineering conferences in recent years.

Chandler Consulting Limited provides the following services: -


Ø  Electrical inspection, involving (but not limited to) - electrical “works” (generation, transmission and distribution), high voltage installations, network subdivisions and other electrical installations such as caravans, pleasure vessels, medical etc – which require periodic inspection and issue of a Warrant of Electrical Fitness.

Ø  Electrical inspection and issue of a Record of Assessment (in accordance with AS/NZS 3019).

Ø  Electrical incident investigation; including human error, fire (electrical causes), safety and compliance situations.

Ø  Electrical Works and Electrical Installation compliance checks, inspection, investigation and audits.

Ø  Electrical equipment condition monitoring, fault analysis and life assessment reports.

Ø  Electrical equipment (transformer, switchgear, cable etc.) insulating oil analysis.

Ø  Writing and review of technical standards, procedures and work instructions.

Ø  Writing and presentation of technical papers relating to the electrical industry.

Ø  Electrical instrument testing, specification (for purchase or use) and performance verification.

Ø  Cable testing including insulation resistance, VLF (Very Low Frequency), cable locating and cable fault location.

Ø  Electromagnetic field surveys and reports.

Ø  Infra-red thermography surveys for electrical systems, industrial plant and building Record of Assessment.

Ø  Earth resistance, off-frequency current injection, soil resistivity and equipotential bonding measurements.

Ø  Supply system electrical investigations – examples include diary farm situations (cattle receiving mild shocks etc), spa pool earth potential rise, installation faults (flickering, voltage problems, harmonics etc).



Ø  Electrical training - including (but not limited to) loop impedance, earth resistance and soil resistivity testing, cable and transformer testing, insulation resistance testing, cable tracing and fault location, protection systems, “works” systems (load control, power distribution), street lighting, electrical appliance testing & repair, insulating oil sampling and testing.

Ø  Electrical installation testing to meet NZ Electricity legislation requirements; and other subjects - as required.

Ø  Preparation and provision of presentations, lectures and seminars relating to the electrical industry.

Ø  Writing and review of industry unit standards and associated material.

Ø  Electrical worker refresher training and competency assessment - CPR, Basic First Aid, EWRB Competence Programme (Electrical Testing and Personal Safety) and Safe Work Practices - for Limited Certificate applicants.

Ø  Workplace assessments - in relation to electrical industry training organisations and/or training providers.

Ø  On and off-job (adult / apprentice) training for skills relating to the electrical industry.

Ø  Coaching for electrical trade persons – for electrical theory and regulations examinations and practical testing skills.

Ø  Electricity system operations, high voltage switching, equipment maintenance and site access training.



Nick Chandler holds the following industry qualifications:

Ø  Registered Electrician / Electrical Fitter (since 1975)

Ø  Registered Electrical Inspector and current Practising Licence

Ø  EWRB Registered Electrical Engineer and current Practising Licence

Ø  City & Guilds of London Institute – Electrical Engineering Practice – part 2. (Power Engineering)

Ø  New Zealand Certificate in Engineering - NZCE (Electrical)

Ø  REA - Registered Engineering Associate (Electrical Engineering)

Ø  Emergency Care (CPR) Instructor (NZ Resuscitation Council)

Ø  Workplace First Aid Certificate and unit standards 6400, 6401, 6402 and 26551, 26552

Ø  Pre-hospital Emergency Care Certificate, (unit stds. 14470, 14471, 14472, 14473) & current refresher training

Ø  Workplace Assessor (Connexis) and Work Task Assessor (Skills NZ – as required)

Ø  Authorised electrical worker training provider - Electrical Workers Registration Board (EWRB)

Ø  Authorised safe work practices training provider – Electrical Workers Registration Board (EWRB)

Ø  Unit standard 4098 (Candidate assessment for Unit Standards)

Ø  Unit standard 7110 (Improve own Professional Knowledge & Practice in Adult Education & Training)

Ø  Infra-red Thermography Level 1

Ø  Currently studying to achieve National Certificate in Adult Education & Training