Electrical Consulting

Chandler Consulting Limited provides Electrical Consulting services for the generation, transmission and distribution industries as well as for domestic, commercial and industrial electrical installations.


The Electrical Consulting services includes installations and works inspections, and issue of Record of Inspection and Certificate of Verification documents. Other Electrical Consulting services relate to electrical incident and human error investigations, electrical inspections of:-

·         High and Low Voltage Installations and Electrical Works

·         Record of Assessment / Certificate of Verification for (AS/NZS 3019), Caravan Parks, Marinas, Installations which have been disconnected etc.

·         Warrant of Electrical Fitness for Caravans, Motor Homes, Portacoms and Marine (recreational boats)


Areas of expertise for Electrical Consulting services include:-

·         Technical Reports

·         Procedures and Work Instructions

·         Electrical Equipment Condition Monitoring and Life Expectancy

·         Electromagnetic Field Measurement

·         Electrical Equipment Testing and Analysis

·         Electrical Testing (appliances, installations, Works)